Things people have said about me.

“Phani’s a fantastic developer. His greatest strengths are strong design skills and customer focus. He is one of the rare breed of developers who can make the right offs and balance both the technical challenges and experience aspects of software development. Phani will be an asset to any team.”

“I have worked directly with Phani for a number of years and would recommend him to anyone. He is extremely motivated and an excellent developer. He consistently goes above and beyond to accomplish the teams goals and often goes out of his way to find seek out opportunities for things he can do to help the team and product without being asked.”

“Phani is an extremely creative and passionate guy. He can turn an idea into a real deliverable faster than most people I have seen. He is deeply technical and cares about his customers a great deal. You can hire him in any technical function”

“Very helpful when I approached Phani with questions regarding OData. Always willing to spare time and goes the extra mile in helping others. Also a very technical person. Knows OData, its dependencies, inside out, and thus was able to quickly provide helpful information to me.”

“Phani is very good at solving technical problems from all kinds of areas and especially at quickly putting together solutions to overcome limitations/problems blocking the team”