GitHub Package Registry

GitHub Package Registry is a software package hosting service, similar to,, or, that allows you to host your packages and code in one place. You can host software packages privately or publicly and use them as dependencies in your projects.

GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions allow you to implement custom logic without having to create an app to perform the task you need. You can combine GitHub Actions to create workflows using an action defined in your repository, a public repository on GitHub, or a published Docker container image. GitHub Actions are customizable and can use the GitHub API and any publicly available third-party APIs to interact with a repository. For example, an action can publish npm modules, send SMS alerts when urgent issues are created, or deploy production ready code. You can discover, create, and share your GitHub Actions with the GitHub community.

GitHub Dependency Graph & Security Alerts

With security vulnerability alerts, organization owners and repository admins receive a notification when any of their projects has a dependency with a known vulnerability. Organization owners can also share the responsibility by selecting additional individuals and teams to receive notifications when a vulnerability occurs.

HPE Helion Code Engine

HPE Helion Cloud Engine allows enterprise developers to automate the build/test/deploy cycle triggered by checkins into Git repositories and into our Cloud Foundry runtime, with intermediate artifacts that are pushed to the Docker Hub or an organization’s Docker Trusted Registry. In addition, HPE Helion Code Engine also integrates HPE Software’s StormRunner tool for load testing a microservice once it’s been deployed to a staging environment—so out of the box, we not only streamline the process, we simplify the load testing, a common and needed safety check in an enterprise CI/CD process.


Node.JS SDK for interacting with Khan Academy APIs

Deploy Now to HP Helion

Designed, developed & delivered a one-click button to deploy applications from Github onto HP Helion aPaaS clusters.

Eclipse plugin for Cloud Foundry

Eclipse Tools for Cloud Foundry (CFT) provide an extensible framework and common UI to deploy applications to different Cloud Foundry targets, and it is a framework that closely integrates with Web Tools Platform (WTP) and Eclipse.


pkgcloud is a standard library for node.js that abstracts away differences among multiple cloud providers.


pkgcloud-cli is a command line interface to interact with multiple cloud providers.


An open protocol to allow the creation and consumption of queryable and interoperable RESTful APIs in a simple and standard way.

Azure HDInsight

HDInsight is a cloud distribution on Microsoft Azure of the rapidly expanding Apache Hadoop technology stack for big data analysis. It includes implementations of Apache Spark, HBase, Kafka, Storm, Pig, Hive, Interactive Hive, Sqoop, Oozie, Ambari, and so on.

Project Barcelona

Project Barcelona is designed to help IT immediately garner the benefit of metadata management with minimal initial investment, which means there will be no up-front planning, modeling and ongoing maintenance required when using this product. Simply setup the product and configure the appropriate security account, and Project Barcelona will automatically start crawling and showing the results.